3 Reasons You Need a Podcast – NOW!

In this video Stew shares WHY you need a podcast and how you can leverage it to build your business… even if you have NO list right now! We also address the common objection of “Nobody will let me interview them!” AND we give you the “Magic” formula you can use to create amazing podcast […]

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The “Secret Formula” To Our 40+ Years of Being in Online Business

Here’s the truth about how to authentically grow and mature with your market… fun little video we made after dropping my grandkids off at school… but with a LIFE-CHANGING message for you if you’re open to it 🙂 For More From Stew and Jim, Check Out DIY Media Marketing Academy Now! – Click Here NOW!

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The Tools and Steps of Building a Podcast

Setting up a podcast was simpler than I anticipated.  You can use the same software for face to face meeting with clients with the option to record the meetings as well.  The below is a list of hardware, software, and programs needed to get the job done and viewed on iTunes, Youtube, SoundCloud, and others. […]

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Three Tips For Starting or Building Your Business With Media Marketing

Building your own business from scratch is a labor of love or in some cases – desperation.  Regardless of WHY you want to start your own business (or help it grow), we want to share some important tips to help you with marketing and finding new customers both online or locally. Three Content Marketing Tips […]

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Procrastination – Name It and Tame It

PROCRASTINATION – Say it! It does not matter what you have to do on your schedule, very often there is something that you are delaying either on purpose or subconsciously because you know it is not fun, or hard work, or tedious, or perhaps you are stuck and cannot create any new content.  Relax – […]

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Ten Business Mistakes (Conversation with Marshall Wayne)

By Stew Smith DIYmediamarketing.com Blog In a recent texting conversation with an old friend and a brilliant brand developer Marshall Wayne, we discussed some of the mistakes we have made as well as seen others make in business. These mistakes and tips are not just for online businesses – these apply to any business.  Here […]

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How Do I Keep From Getting My Ebook Ripped Off?

Nobody wants to see their content stolen… NOBODY! And it’s understandable that you’d want to protect your intellectual property at “all costs” if you can. As with just about everything in life, you can approach this issue three ways:  1 – Go hardcore and lock it down.  2 – Not worry about it.  3 – […]

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How To Use The DIY Media Marketing Academy (at your own pace and not get overwhelmed)

It is completely understandable when you first sign up for ANY course (online or college level) and have some apprehension of fitting it into your schedule.   But we are here to help you find the EASY button in everything we teach.  Here is a question that occasionally occurs during the first month of this training […]

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How would I use media in the DIY if I have no product to sell?

The DIY Media Marketing Academy is an online learning program that teaches you the intricacies and details of many of the tips and tricks to make your media marketing less time consuming and affordable – but also effective. Here is a great question from a reader of the Blog Section at DIYMediaMarketing.com: “How would I […]

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What Cavemen Know About Marketing In Today’s Hyper-Connected World

Why do some people seem to spring out of nowhere to quickly dominate the landscape in any market without spending a dime on traditional advertising? Why do some experts seem to stick around for years and everyone knows who they are, trusts them, and buys from them? And why do others struggle for years and […]

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