About Us

Stew Smith

stewsmithStew is a former Navy SEAL and best-selling fitness author who prepares young men and women for professions that require fitness tests.   His programs also prepare them for the follow on training they seek primarily in the military, police, and firefighting professions.

Stew has been writing and publishing for over 20 years with many best-selling books to his credit. A pioneer in the online fitness space, Stew has a wide range of experience in marketing his business with books, ebooks, Kindle books, video, audio, email, social media and more.

Stew speaks regularly at fitness conferences, such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as individual groups and businesses on a variety of topics, including fitness, leadership, entrepreneurship and mental toughness.

Jim Edwards

jimedwardsJim was one of the first people to ever publish an ebook on the Internet back in 1997. Since then he has gone on to speak around the world on 4 continents on everything from self-publishing, video production, sales copy, email marketing, membership sites, and other e-commerce topics.

Jim is most famous for his online software “wizards” which make many repetitive and difficult tasks such as writing emails, sales letters or video scripts push-button simple.

Jim and Stew met through Stew’s websites when Jim signed up for Stew’s Online PT Club, a coaching program where Stew provides custom workouts and one-on-one fitness coaching.