April Training Review: Podcast, Video Easy Button, Special Interview

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Here is the EASY BUTTON checklist for April Training on Podcasting

This was an add-in feature month of training as a method to help you add video (or audio) to your business in the form of podcasts (using ZOOM.us) or adding video to your website, building a youtube.com presence, and much more.  Check out the blogs, videos, and training sessions below that we did the month of April:

Here is a list of the videos and blogs we created for the DIY MMA Training Program.   Some of these links will take you to the DIY Member blog / academy site so you will need to login to few them.

Blog / Checklist:  How to Build a Podcast for Little or No Money or Expertise!

Blog:  Why You Need to Answer Your Business Emails in Great Detail.

Blog:  Online Advertising Mistakes

Blog:  Ignore Social Media At Your Own Peril

Video Training:  DIY Podcasting (or Easy Button for Adding Video)

Video / Live Q and A Session – From Podcast, video, facebook ads and more discussed.  (scroll down)

Stew and Jim’s Tip of the Week – Podcast – Video Easy Button (scroll down)

Jim’s Podcast Episode Idea Machine

Use this wizard to come up with amazing ideas for your podcast episodes… no matter who your target audience is or what you sell.  (scroll down)

Special Video:  Special Video Interview with former Navy SEAL Phil Black – Building a Business and Going on SharkTank.

There you go!  That is a lot of information to sift through, but segmented to help you find what will work best for you and your business.  Is it some information on HOW TO do something or just a kick in the butt to motivate you to just try one thing this month?  Regardless – none of it works if you do not do it.  So experiment and have some fun with it.

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