February Summary of Training

February training is complete!

Here is a list of the videos and blogs we created for the DIY MMA Training Program.

Quick Script for Local, State, National, and Online Media Sources



Public Blog post #1 – Procrastination – Name It and Tame It – READ NOW! 



Monthly Training Webinar – The Art of FREE Advertising


The Live Question / Answer Session – Just scroll down below the above video and

watch the Q&A Replay.


Monthly Blog – Ten Mistakes of Chasing Down Free Advertising


Now – go out and execute.

Standby for March!  Our focus for March training will start out with the “Failure to Execute” Article.  This training is helpful but failing the execute NOW is an issue we all regret with new business ideas and innovations.

As General Patton said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

Get out there are see some results.

March Topic:  Newsletter – Build Your Email Lists.  Increase Followers on Website, Social Media, Customers.


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