Ignore Social Media At Your Own Peril

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Sorry about the doomsday sounding title, but after observing recent events in the news and on social media, I thought a quick post to help motivate people to get involved / access the power of media was appropriate.  You can definitely say that social media is a double edged sword and can help you or hurt you if you are not careful how and what you post.  Look at recent social media likes and attacks:  1 – Pepsi Commercial 2 – Bill O’Reilly 3 – CBS Sunday Morning.

Full disclosure – after watching a story on CBS Sunday Morning about Social Media, this prompted a post.  Then after checking Twitter.com, CBS #SundayMorning is trending as one of the most popular posts and hashtags on Twitter.  Nice job CBS Sunday Morning!  Good marketing that will build your followers – I just followed.

Below are THREE ways social media can help you and hurt you:

Three Ways Social Media Can Help You:

1 – Whether locally or internationally (when a post goes viral) a simple Facebook picture or video post can help you find lost animals as well as launch a product idea like no marketing campaign can (and for free).  Examples of viral video / posts. (TED Talk – 7 minutes)

2 – Typically for a post to respond well among your audience as well as expanding into other audiences (in a good way), it requires you to create something funny, unexpected (for you to post), creative, educational, and even downright silly.  Probably the best plan to have something to go viral is to not have a plan as it is completely up to the  world audience.  This means you spend zero dollars on advertising, but the content has to be worthy of a share – multiple shares.  Also – simply posting a coupon code on social media can increase visitors to your website store.

3 – If your social media posts breaks the “glass ceiling” and gets shared on television, news shows, or other popular websites, expect your post and exposure to you to blow up immediately.  Following these “taste-makers” on social media and using hashtags linking them, commenting on their social media posts and they may see your posts easier.


Three Ways Social Media Can Hurt You

1 – Just ask Pepsi after a recent television and youtube.com advertisement.  After the internet viewed the advertisement as trivializing Black Lives Mattered, Pepsi pulled the ad – but not until the internet united and literally exploded against them.

2 – Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly and lost his job after the internet blew up and started exposing his advertisers forcing them to pull their commercials for his show.  For people like Bill O’Reilly however, he will likely bounce back quickly as he has a strong support group of followers who will watch him on his own podcast or different network.  Similar response on social media occurred with Brian Williams as well last year forcing a 6 month vacation and downgrade to an MSNBC late night show.

3 – Classic Videos / Posts like Puppy-Monkey-Baby or Whole Foods peeling fruits and placing them in plastic can have a negative viral effect for ALL the wrong reasons forcing apologies or temporary loss in revenue even.

But Is There Really Such Thing As Bad Press?

Some will say that there is no such thing as “bad press.”  For international brands or celebrities that may be true as continued press is more news for them and their brand.  Even United Airlines after videos of them forcefully removing an elderly passenger will likely not see a major decrease is sales as long as they can provide the lowest option to travel on travel websites (like Expedia, Travelocity) from city to city.  I won’t lie – I just flew United as they had a round trip flight $100 less than their competitors.  Also, people will likely fly United to perhaps benefit from new policies they created like two round trip tickets or up to $10,000 for volunteering their seat when overbooked.

Regardless, social media is a form of media that is here and encourages the population of the world to participate. The world has an opinion – like it or not.

Stew and Jim’s Rules on Social Media:

1 – Do not discuss religion on business sites unless your business is religion.

2 – Do not discuss politics on business social media sites unless your business is politics.
(Post Unicorns and Rainbows instead.)

3 – Avoid publicly bashing a troll on your media sites.  Quietly block and remove their post – even if your loyal followers come to your defense.

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