January Review of Month One of the DIY Media Marketing Academy

Hello DIY Media Marketing Academy Members,

Here is the breakdown of January’s training program for our first month of the DIYMMA.

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Check out this list of knowledge bombs dropped this month.  Click the links for a refresher or in case you missed it the first time:

Monthly Webinars:

Exploring YouTube, Instagram and Other Video Content Media

Q&A Webinar (Wednesday 1/25/17)  – Do not forget, we go live Wednesday with this one, but if you miss it, we will have it in the member’s section.

Log on to: http://www.joinwebinar.com/
Enter Webinar ID: 984-825-787

Blog Articles and Videos:

Ten Business Mistakes – A conversation with Marshall Wayne – Hollywood branding guru!

Ebook Security Options – From one of our member asked questions:  How Do I Keep From Getting My Ebook Ripped Off?

How to Not Get Overwhelmed and How to Use the DIYMMA to Your Advantage – It is easy to get into overwhelm mode especially during and immediately after the Holidays.  Now, it is a New Year and a New YOU – ready to focus on doing ONE THING to make your business grow.

Cool App For Outlining Video (and other) Ideas! – Another quick and easy tip for making a video!

Redneck Teleprompters – Jim’s Method of Script Placement on your recording device!  Genius!

Top 10 Quick Sources of Inspiration for Video Ideas  – We all need ideas to write or talk about.  Here are some foolproof methods to get inspiration for your next blog, video, or discussion.

The DIY MMA Closed Group Facebook Page – Do not miss out on the questions and answers taken by no only Jim and Stew, but many of our MMA members who are very knowledgeable in a variety of skills, technology, and business.

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