March Review of Training (Blogs, Videos, FB Live, Q/A Session,etc)

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March training is complete!

Here is a list of the videos and blogs we created for the DIY MMA Training Program.

Public Blog Post:  Three Tips For Starting or Building Your Business With Media Marketing

Facebook Group Page:  Quick Facebook Live Video Using

Monthly Training Webinar – Newsletter and Email List Building

The Live Question / Answer Session – Just scroll down below the above video and watch the Q&A Replay.

Monthly Blog – Failure to Execute

Now – go out and execute.

Standby for April!  Our focus for April training will start out with the Interview with former Navy SEAL Phil Black and creator of the Fit Deck and PrepWell Academy.  Phil also was on Shark Tank and discusses his efforts to start a business, market his business, and get to Shark Tank and sell his company.

Also – Quick and Easy Podcasts!

Get out there are see some results.

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