Why You Need To Answer Your Business Emails – In Great Detail

mail, social media, icon When it comes to running a business on your own, you will find a direct link to your customer base in emails. Now with social media becoming a viable communication tool for business, you should also encourage communication on your business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Here are a few of the many reasons why simply answering emails can provide blog content, engage your customers, and help you direct your efforts toward customer needs:

1 – Learn What Is Wrong – Often, you can find that the words you use to describe a product or service can be better arranged to get your point across better.  Sometimes it is a simple edit suggested by a reader of your blog, that can help you make more sales.  Often adding a video can help with that as you will find a picture maybe worth 1000 words, but a moving picture is worth 10,000 words.  Also making a quick correction can actually prevent many more of the same questions from appearing in your inbox from your readers in the future.

2 – Get More Content – At least 50% of my articles / blog posts I have created in over 15 years of writing have come from emails and social media questions and comments.  Answering the customer’s concerns (and writing about it) is Business 101 – Helping Your Customer Solve Problems.  You may even get the idea for a new product or service as well.

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3 – Learn What The Customer Needs –  Keep in touch with what your market needs and be on top of any changes to your market clientele. This could be the needs of a long term customer or a new generation of people entering your market.  They may inspire you to guide them with future products and services.  You may also find the need to evolve with your market.

4 – Some Emails Are Wonderful Testimonials – Read them and keep them and enjoy the pride of creating or doing something that people enjoy.  Make sure people can find the testimonial page.

5 – Some Are Not Wonderful – You cannot please everyone, but if you find that you are displeasing many, you may want to change the way you do business, your product list, or at least customer service.

So the next time you get an email, answer it is great detail.  Provide links to previously written or video content to fully explain the question or issue.  Then cut and paste it into a document – clean it up and create a Frequently Ask Questions section on your website.

Rules to follow for your emails to customers

Rule #1 – Use the customer’s name in the reply salutation.

Rule #2 – Follow up the answer with a question asking “does this answer help you?”

Rule #3 – Make sure there are links in the email back to the store – maybe even include a coupon code saving them 15% for their trouble or helpful comments.

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