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This month’s training program is designed to help you get more clicks or purchases on your website by teaching you some of the tools of the trade when it comes to describing you and your content.

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As I have learned over the years, a smartly designed picture (in my case ebook covers) and some general description of what I am selling is critical to having a storefront online.  However, if you have a headline, sentence, a paragraph or even a story that touches a nerve of the potential customer, it make all the difference in getting a new customer or return customers.  Check out the link above for free access to the Story wizard to help you write about yourself in a way you may not normally do.  This Origin Story Wizard (click and scroll down) will enable you to get over the uncomfortable feeling of writing about yourself and create a winning story about your and your products.

Having Smart Headlines (Proven Headline Formula)

Usually avoiding pain or frustration or wasting time is a good emotion to tap into.  People want success with as little effort as possible and will gladly learn from your mistakes.  This can be demonstrated with a headline formula like Jim teaches:

How to [get big pay off] without [big pain] so instance, I would write something like this using that template formula:

FBI Workout:  How to Ace the PFT and Not Spend Hours in the Gym Each Day.


Then there are bullets for easy reading of your potential customers visiting your website for the first time:

Bullets are easy ways for the person to understand what you are selling, feel a need to purchase this item or service by building curiosity, some pressure (not much), and builds momentum toward the BUY NOW button.  Here is a proven formula for bullet points in your sales copy:

  • Features – What is it that you are selling?
  • Benefits – What is does for the reader?
  • Meaning – What it means for the readers life, business, health, etc..

For instance:  How to [do something] so you can [get result] without [typical pain / effort].

So for instance, How to Ace the FBI PFT so you can get hired without failing and waiting six months to re-apply.  

This taps into the emotions of failing along with desired outcome if you follow the training program we have developed specifically for this population.

*These can also be testimonial segments from satisfied customers too.

Finally the Call to Action:  This can be a short declarative sentence – even placed on top of a click button:

— YES I Want to Ace the Fitness Test

— YES I Want to be a G-man! (FBI agent)

Sales Copy Motivation

Writing sales copy is a learned skill and it takes technique and winning formulas to follow to get good at it.  It is not much unlike teaching swimming.  People come in the pool having never swum before and soon with practice get good enough to pass fitness tests and move to the next level of their training.  But as with swimming, writing sales copy takes practice.  Play around with the Wizards Jim has for you and with the fool proof formulas to creating an ideal sales letter for your business.  Then get more people to your site to read the new enticing sale copy for your products.

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