Three Tips For Starting or Building Your Business With Media Marketing

application, online, macbook Building your own business from scratch is a labor of love or in some cases – desperation.  Regardless of WHY you want to start your own business (or help it grow), we want to share some important tips to help you with marketing and finding new customers both online or locally.

Three Content Marketing Tips Traditional
Marketing Experts Don’t Want You To Know

After the debate is over, if you want to get results with content marketing then these three tips will help you get results a whole lot faster. In fact, these are the tools traditional marketing experts hope you don’t find out about because then their secrets are out of the bag. If you want simple, effective, and immediate content marketing tools to make your job as a small business owner, then take a hard look at these before you go any further.

Tip #1: Create Value Every Day

The #1 thing small business owners need to understand with this tip is that you have to do something every day as far as creating value for your target audience. We live in a social media “stream” world where people only pay attention to what’s in front of them right now.

This means you should create little tips, videos, articles and blog posts every day (1 per day) and share it in as many places as you can.

This tip is very important to every small business owner because this is how you stay on your best customers and prospects radar every single day. This is what helps you make consistent sales because of the exposure you get.

Tip #2: Share Your Story

This tip deals with sharing your unique perspective with people because that is what separates you from all the so-called competition. Your story about everything from how you got started to why you’re in business is what you need to share.

Small business owners need to know this tip because in today’s hyper-connected world, what people remember are the stories they hear and the lessons they learn from those stories.

The most important thing to get with this tip is that you can share your stories about success and failure…as well as the stories of your customers and clients. Those stories teach and sell better than any ad copy you could write.

Tip #3: Solve People’s Problems And Charge Them For The Solution

The main idea for this tip is that people pay for solutions. They want to solve their problems FAST and they will pay for it. Every small business owner can start solving problems with information and services, not just with physical products.

This tip is critical to small business owner’s success with content marketing because it forces you to shift from seeing yourself as someone who sells “something” to someone who sells solutions! People buy solutions to their problems. Selling solutions in information, physical products, or services can further expand your ability to serve your market.

This article represents just a summary of the tips small business owners need when it comes to marketing their content as well as their products and services. With the consequences of ignoring this advice ranging from weeks of wasted effort to throwing tons of money out the window on useless ads that don’t work, take the time to educate yourself on the proper methods to sell more online using content marketing.

Remember, you are not a company that sells “X” – you have to learn to be a MEDIA company that sells “X”.  One of the most important tools of the trade is likely in your hand now or pocket – the smart phone!  Learn how to utilize this device for killer pictures, videos, social media, and website posts to get customers to your store.

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