How To Use The DIY Media Marketing Academy (at your own pace and not get overwhelmed)


It is completely understandable when you first sign up for ANY course (online or college level) and have some apprehension of fitting it into your schedule.   But we are here to help you find the EASY button in everything we teach.  Here is a question that occasionally occurs during the first month of this training program:

Hi Jim and Stew – I am a bit overwhelmed right now so I need to talk to you about your expectations.  I am finishing a course I started in 2016 so until I get this course finished I don’t have time to participate very much in DIY Media Marketing Academy.  My first step, when this becomes my primary focus, will be to read your DIY Media Marketing book which I know is a foundation for all I will learn in the Academy – well that and the 5-6 videos in the Foundations Course and informative blog posts.  I need to know if it’s okay with you that I just take my time and grow and learn at my own pace or if there is some expectation of me as a member that would be contrary to my expectation?

ABSOLUTELY!  We don’t grade your participation or give tests and quizzes. We are actually trying not to overwhelm the group and publish something once a week versus multiple times a week to keep adding value to the DIY  Academy. We typically have a schedule of a Training Video per month, 3-4 blog posts per month, Featured App of the Month video, and Live Q and A session video.  All of which will be posted in the Members section of the website for you to view when you can.  Plus you can ask us questions and interact for a few minutes when you can with the DIY Media Marketing Closed Group page on Facebook.

Don’t be overwhelmed… just take everything one step at a time. Plan it out and take each action in turn.  The biggest thing is not to psych yourself out, which can be easy to do. One thing at a time.

In the Foundations Course, we front-loaded a lot of information so when you make your purchase you see there is definitely a program that you can quickly learn from.  But you should take this at your own pace and do what is comfortable with your current schedule. There are many short videos and blogs that will be made and posted on the site for you to view whenever you can.

Also, we set this DIY Academy up so you can do it at your own pace when you’re ready. We’re also here to answer questions. So you may not be able to go through the material / ready to go through, but you can always get some support on the Facebook group and ask questions on the Q&A webinars, etc. And if that’s how you take advantage of the DIYMMA right now, then that’s totally okay 🙂  Eventually when you find time and you’ll be able to view the video training sessions at your own pace.

You can do this… just don’t quit and keep your eye on the end goal as you take each action daily!


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